Tip & Penny, Dog Walking West Hollywood| Dog Training

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During Dog Walking West Hollywood Tip takes in the smells while Penny shows how proud and confident she is. These two might be small but don’t let that fool you. The are ready to take on anything that comes their way. Tip and Penny are doing Structured Dog walking with me so their dog training can be reinforced. This program is great for clients that need their pups worked out while focusing on structure.. It is easy for dogs to revert to their old ways when they are given too much freedom during their walks. A nice balance of sniffing, walking, and structure will stimulate your pet perfectly.

Dog Walking West Hollywood

Structured play, dog training West Hollywood

Structured play, dog training, obedience training

Emma got a warm welcome from the group during structured play. Emma and Koda are both intent on having the chew toy, Koda seems persistent on getting. It was a great mix of puppies and adults during this session. During dog training sessions it’s important to have a few adults to help teach the pups. Sometimes the adults can lean a few things from the pups as well. A nice play session before obedience training is a great way to have a positive workout.

Tip structured Dog walk, Dog Training

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Meet Tip, this little cutie just started going structured dog walking. Her owner has been doing dog training with her, but wanted her walks to be controlled. Structured walks are a great way to maintain your best friends training while breaking up their day with some exercise. Tip may be small but she is ready for anything. Rottweilers and UPS trucks are fair game. Tip is great in a controlled environment, she just needs to get calm while out in WEHO during her walks.

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Lucy & Boone Walk On Leash Dog Training West Hollywood

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Lucy and Boone are hard at work during their walk on leash dog training session. The focus was walking on a loose leash and not getting distracted. The walk does set the tone for other behaviors so it is important for a dog to do it right. As a trainer and dog walker in West Hollywood I always focus on keeping my walks structured and controlled. Lucy and Boone did very well which will make their owner enjoy walking them as well.

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Koda – Dog Training Malibu, play time

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it wasn’t all Dog Training today for Koda; he visited his family, then went to the park to work on obedience commands and play soccer. Heidi was there to make sure the good times kept coming. The training session went better then expected with Koda doing most of his core comannds with no problems at all. Koda will defiantly sleep good tonight, actually Koda, Heidi, and myself will sleep good. Getting ready to wrap it up and head back to West Hollywood. Enjoy your Saturday, and don’t forget tee love puppies!!!!

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Puppy Training This is my Stick There are many like it but this one is mine

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This is my Stick. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Koda at Puppy Training Boot Camp enjoys his favorite stick after his obedience training session. Koda is very motivated to learn new commands and perfect the ones he has learned. Having a strong drive makes Koda a pleasure to work with. Working with him for the last week has shown me his strengths and weaknesses. Kona has a great temperament and does great with core commands. I would say that we have a perfect candidate for a future Therapy Dog.

Puppy Training

30 Days Of K9 Art – Emma| Behavioral Dog Training

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Emma is our 30 Days of K9 Art photo today. Emma comes over every Tuesday and Friday for her full day Structured Activity package. This photo was taken during her Behavioral Dog Training. session which focuses on being reactive on leash. Leash aggression can be caused by many things, when the root of the problem is figured out a course of action can be emplementrd. As a dog behavioralit nothing beats seeing a dog progress; this photo was picked for its stylish look and the fact thT Emma has come such a long way.

Behavioral Dog Training