Grooming your dog, Mauro Pet Care Products

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Grooming your dog doesn’t need to be a big deal. If you do regular brush outs you per will require less baths and extensive de-matting. If your dog stays fairly clean with regular brushing, you might get away with fewer baths, it’s recommended to not go past 3 months.

Too many baths will strip the coat of natural oils that protect the skin, and your dog’s coat will lose some of its shine and luster. However, there are dogs that will need more frequent, medicated baths, but only if your vet recommends it. Once a month is a good schedule for your dogs grooming needs. We use Mauro Pet Care products which promote hydration of the skin vs shampoos that remove oils from your pets skin. You can read more about their products at

Grooming your dog

Destructive dog behavior, stopping destructive behavior

Destructive dog behavior, stopping destructive dog behavior,

Destructive dog behavior can start out as a developmental issue, it can also be a behavioral issue. The first thing that should be done is to find the root cause of such behavior. Does the pet have separation anxiety, does he feel under-stimulated, was there a recent change in routine or environment. All of these can be common triggers of destructive dog behavior. The solution for pet’s acting up will depend largely on the circumstances. If a dog is between the age of 6 months and 14 months and they chew a lot; chances are this is a developmental issue on this case we will focus on giving the dogs appropriate things to chew when we see them chewing on inappropriate items. If they have our slipper in their month we will replace it with a chew toy. This is why we do not give dogs free range of our home until they can be trusted. They should only have free range when someone is there to correct their behavior and show them what is expected of them. Stopping destructive dog behavior isn’t difficult when we know the root cause.  Come back for more tips on destructive canine behaviors or send us an email with your question and we will do our best to help.

Destructive Dog behavior

Structured Dog Boarding, Dog Training, Obedience Training, Los Angeles

Dog Boarding, obedience training, dog training, private home dog Boarding,

Scout enjoys his day during his Structured Dog Boarding while his family is out of town. Unlike traditional kennels and Cagefree facilities your dog stays at my private home with my family and myself. While your pet is boarding they are also maintaining their obedience training, manners, and socialization. This is part of my K9 Aftercare Program which was developed to help owners stay on track with their responsibility after formal training. Aftercare is offered for sleepovers and as a structured day activity. There are never more then 3 dogs that stay overnight so your pet will enjoy their home away from home.

Dog Boarding

Dog socialization training starts with confidence building, Dog Training

Dog socialization training, dog confidence building, dog confidence training, dog training

Dog socialization training is the single most important step you can take to have a well-adjusted canine. Its important to incorporate dog confidence building, structured playgroups, good manners, and obedience commands to lay a foundation for future success. Confidence is one of the most important things your canine needs to be a balanced around other pups. Dog Training helps with confidence by having your best friend complete tasks and get positive reinforcement for it. As they succeed they will begin to feel more confident about themselves.

Dog socialization training