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The French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. Created in England to be a miniature Bulldog, he accompanied English lacemakers to France, where he acquired his Frenchie moniker. The first three months for a French Bulldog is the most important time in their life. This is the window of time in a puppy’s life that determines the type of dog they will become as an adult. Puppy boot camp is a great way to make sure your pup is getting all the right messages, from socialization to manners. 

French Bulldog

Puppy leash training, puppy obedience training near me

Puppy leash training, puppy obedience, puppy potty training, house breaking.

When a pup starts puppy leash training, they are exposed to a lot of new stimuli, including new sights, sounds, and smells. Everything will be very exciting, even leaves flying in the wind and he will want to chase, smell, and see all of it at top speed. All of these things usually lead to the puppy pulling or not wanting to walk at all.  A great way to get your new dog ready for the leash is to clip it to the collar and have them drag it around. This will really help when the puppy is ready for formal leash training. Puppy obedience training near me can help you and your new dog get started the right way.

Puppy leash training


pet care, structured dog walk, dog walk, obedience commands

pet care, structured dog walk, dog walk, dog training los angeles, dog training, obedience training


When people look for pet care services having their pet go for a dog walk is high on the list. It is important to understand that a walk is not just a walk to a dog. This activity should provide physical stimulation and mental stimulation. At Silvano’s Creative K9 Concepts providing a structured dog walk is priority when taking your dog out for their walk. This activity should consist of the handler being in control of the dog walk, incorporating core obedience commands, and occasionally letting your pet sniff their surrounding. When properly executed your pet will return home both physically and mentally stimulated, letting them feel content while waiting to greet you upon your arrival home.

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structured dog walks dog walker near me west hollywood

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If you’re looking for a dog walker near me Silvano’s Creative K9 Concepts offers structured dog walks. This is the perfect way for your pet to get exercise and mental stimulation the same time. What is the point of spending money on training your dog if an amateur is the one doing their daily walks. We incorporate core obedience during our walks and make sure your pet is following a structured routine. There walk establishes everything so make sure its done right.

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Mochi’s first day of puppy training in los angeles puppy training near me

Puppy training, puppy training West Hollywood

Mochi begins puppy training near me today at Silvano’s Creative K9 Concepts where he will learn core commands, pup manners, house breaking, and many other important skills. Puppy training is very important for your pups development and positive imprint. We provide a real home environment so your pup has real life experiences. A puppy can not be house broken in a kennel environmental nt, it must be done in a real home environment. Doggie manners will be one of Mochi’s main focuses during his training.

puppy training near me