30 days of K9 Art | Dog Training – Dog Trainer Los Angeles

30 days of K9 Art | Dog Training – Dog Trainer Los Angeles
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Windsor and Wally enjoyed their structured dog walk in West Hollywood. They have both done Dog Training with me in the past; the walks are about maintaining what they learned and to give them a workout while their owners are at work. I have been fortunate as a professional dog trainer in Los Angeles. Having met many awesome canines and creative owners is . Dog Training in Los Angeles is a bonus in my eyes. Its such an artistic and creative place which inspires the solutions to the issues the canines i’m working with have. In honor of all the different pooches and all the wild and off the wall surroundings of the city I love: the next 30 days will feature artistic photos of the hounds. In my eyes dog training is an art form, I hope everyone enjoys my 30 days of K9 art,

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Silvano's Creative K9 Concepts
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Tel: 323-422-6015

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