My Philosophy:

Every dog is unique and because of this I take a unique approach to every dog I work with. I have a true love for dogs and understand what they need to be fully stimulated to create a content family member. I treat each dog as an individual and plan my course for that dog according to their strengths and weaknesses. I am in no way a cookie cutter trainer and pride myself in creating programs that work for a specific dog. Working with animals takes patience and love and a good understanding on how they think. Every breed of dog was designed to perform a certain job for humans. As time as gone by and the needs of many the the breeds is no longer required; I feel it is important to incorporate their natural drive in their specific training program.

My Story

My interest in dog training began many years ago at around the age of 7. There was a movie in the 70′s called the Doberman Gang; it was about 5 dobermans that were trained to rob a bank. The entire movie was focused on how these dogs were each trained to do a specific thing and work as a team. I was fascinated at the fact that dogs were so smart and could be taught to do almost anything. It started my lifelong interest in dog training.

After being inspired by that movie, I started training dogs in my neighborhood as child (well…attempted with hotdogs!) As I got older and learned more the dog training continued in college and into adulthood as a side interest. After becoming dissatisfied with my career in the fashion industry I switched gears in 1998 and turned my lifelong hobby into a career. I have been working with dogs professionally for over 16 years now running small and very large facilities that offered daycare, training, and boarding.

I have trained my personal dogs in Schutzhund. (a test in Germany that has 3 parts; obedience, tracking, and protection with 3 levels a dog could be rated. It’s a demanding test for any dog that few can pass.) I am a certified AKC CGC Evaluator, CDT, currently working on my Delta Therapy Dog Evaluator, and most importantly, years of working and learning from some great people. I truly feel I learned my most valuable skills while being a daycare attendant and observing how the dogs interacted and how the hierarchy was established. Nothing beats hands on knowledge and I truly have a natural gift with dogs.