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The French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. Created in England to be a miniature Bulldog, he accompanied English lacemakers to France, where he acquired his Frenchie moniker. The first three months for a French Bulldog is the most important time in their life. This is the window of time in a puppy’s life that determines the type of dog they will become as an adult. Puppy boot camp is a great way to make sure your pup is getting all the right messages, from socialization to manners. 

French Bulldog

Puppy leash training, puppy obedience training near me

Puppy leash training, puppy obedience, puppy potty training, house breaking.

When a pup starts puppy leash training, they are exposed to a lot of new stimuli, including new sights, sounds, and smells. Everything will be very exciting, even leaves flying in the wind and he will want to chase, smell, and see all of it at top speed. All of these things usually lead to the puppy pulling or not wanting to walk at all.  A great way to get your new dog ready for the leash is to clip it to the collar and have them drag it around. This will really help when the puppy is ready for formal leash training. Puppy obedience training near me can help you and your new dog get started the right way.

Puppy leash training


Boogie at puppy obedience training West Hollywood

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Puppy Obedience Training is designed for pups to learn their core obedience skills.
Programs vary, but common training techniques include teaching a dog to “stay,” “sit” and “come.” In addition to commands, dogs learn the discipline to avoid social and behavioral habits that cause destruction to your home and that may lead to behavioral issues in the future. Puppies learn house manners like not digging holes in the yard and chewing on furniture. A proper effective puppy training experience will also give a pup confidence which is crucial to their development Into a well behaved dog.

Puppy Obedience Training


Ace start Puppy Training West Hollywood

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Puppy Training requires far more patience then most people realize. It is important to rmember that a puppy doesn’t know much and should not be corrected in the begining. Teaching by positive reinforcement is by far the best way to go. Your young dog will be receptive to this technique and will want to learn. House breaking takes more than a few stacks of old newspapers—it calls for vigilance, patience, plenty of commitment and above all, the knowledge and know how on what works and what doesn’t. Don’t my things the wrong way can back fire and turn things into a bad habit that will be hard to break.

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Tips, Puppy Obidience Training, Los Angeles, Beverly Hill

Puppy training tips, puppy obidience training, puppy training Beverly Hills, obidience training west Hollywood, dog training Malibu

Whether you do puppy training yourself, take classes, or hire a private trainer, some basic puppy training tips should be implemented as soon as you get home. Decide on the “house rules.” Before he comes home, decide what he can and can’t do. if your dog will not be sleeping in your bed when they are an adult, don’t let them do so as a puppy. Whatever the pup is allowed to do now will be expected as an adult. Set up a private area in your home for your new puppy and start to think about puppy7 obedience training. Your new family member needs Their own space ASAP. This will give your pup their own, private sleeping place that’s not used by anyone else in the family, or another pet. They will benefit from short periods left alone in their area and will start to learn not to be anxious when you leave the house. The private can be a crate, sectioned off area of the house, or pen will valuable tool for housetraining. Teach your puppy to come when called. Teaching them to come is the command to be mastered first and foremost. Since they will be coming to you, your alpha status will be reinforced. Get on his level and tell him to come using his name. Reward your puppies good behavior with positive reinforcement. Use treats, toys, love, or tons of praise.

puppy obidience  training

puppy training tips

Harry starts Puppy Training

Puppy training, dog training, dog training west Hollywood, puppy training Beverly Hills.

Meet Harry, today is his first day of Puppy Training Camp. Harry will enjoy his days at my home working on obedience training, puppy socialization, and manners. Harry is Boones younger brother and gets to hangout with him during his program. Boone comes over for structured activities and to maintain what he learned during his days as a pup. When teaching a puppy always remember patience, consistency, and giving a pup the opportunity to understand what we want is most important. Over correction when a dog does something wrong can have negative effects in the long run, it may also lead to behavioral issues. Let the puppy know it was wrong and follow up by showing them what was expected of them. Applying a specific word to different behaviors at a young age will help when you a praising them for a job well done. Specific words must follow the praise so the pup understands why they are being praised. Look for future post to find out how Koda is doing with all the things he is learning.

Stresa shows the ropes | Puppy Training | Socialization

Puppy training, puppy socialization, dog communication

Stresa and Koda enjoy some play during Koda’s Puppy Training. To the naked eye it may seem they are just playing in the yard, in reality Koda is working on Puppy Socialization. Having a seasoned canine help with communication skills is a priceless asset. Who better to teach a puppy to play polietly then a dog with perfect doggie etiquette. Learning proper dog communication skills a crucial part to any puppy training program. Having a pup learn these skills at a young age can become an imprint which will last a lifetime.

Puppy Training This is my Stick There are many like it but this one is mine

Puppy Training, puppy training boot camp, obedience training, Therapy Dog,

This is my Stick. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Koda at Puppy Training Boot Camp enjoys his favorite stick after his obedience training session. Koda is very motivated to learn new commands and perfect the ones he has learned. Having a strong drive makes Koda a pleasure to work with. Working with him for the last week has shown me his strengths and weaknesses. Kona has a great temperament and does great with core commands. I would say that we have a perfect candidate for a future Therapy Dog.

Puppy Training

Clicker Training – Bear & Koda work on Puppy Manners

clicker training, puppy training, puppy manners

Bear and Koda have a blast during playtime while working on puppy manners. During the session Clicker Training is being used as a way to mark the behaviors we want. Learning how to properly communicate and read body language is an important part of any puppy training program. An older dog that is very confident with proper communication skills is used during these session as well. There are things that a human can not explain to a dog, having a dog on the training team to help teach these skills is a must. Another five minutes and they will be napping and i can take a break!!!

Clicker Training

Meet Koda His First Day of Puppy Training

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Meet Koda, today is his first day of Puppy Training Camp. He will spend his days at my home working on obedience training, socialization, and manners. The question on everyones mind is how to potty train a puppy.; there are many ways to do this. Crate Training is popular, but patience, consistency, and giving a pup the opportunity to go outside are crucial. Over correction when an accident occurs can have negative effects in the long run, it may also lead to behavioral issues. If an accident happens let the puppy know it was wrong and follow up by taking them outside to the proper area for relieving themselves. Applying a word whenever they use the restroom outside will help when you a praising them for a job well done. Specific words must follow the praise so the  pup understands why they are being praised. Look for future post to find out how Koda is doing with all the things he is learning.

Puppy Training


Puppies Were Popular Holiday Arrivals

When Puppy Training Consider Crate Training. Dogs need their own safe place – like a den – and a crate can serve that purpose. They can feel relaxed and safe in their crate and they instinctively keep their crate, or den, clean, aiding in potty training. Sizing the crate