Meet Lilah, Pit bull Rescue, Dog Aggression, Behavioral Training

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Meet Lilah, Pit bull Rescue, Dog Aggression, Behavioral Training

Dog socialization, behavioral training, pit bull rescue, Pitbull rescue, dog aggression, making the world a better place one dog at a time

Meet Lilah, she came to me to work on Dog Aggression 2 years ago. She had drive to act first which was a huge problem in such a dog friendly city like Los Angeles where dog socialization is huge. After more than 10 months of living with me during her rehabilitation I began to dread when she would leave. It took a while but all of her Behavioral training was working. After thinking about losing my girl I made a decision to adopt her myself. Lilah has come so far and is the official doggie greeter and helps out with temperament test. Thank you for making my world a better place❤️

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  1. Malibama
    Malibama says:

    Me: I love your coat Lilah!
    L: itz blue
    Me: I love blue!
    L: I know… And silver
    Me: well you know what they say, well this season at least, “BLUE is the new black”
    #bluepit #bluepitbull #pitbull #rescue #harbor seal #blueisthenewblack


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