I take a unique approach to every dog I work with. I have a true love for dogs and understand what they need to be fully stimulated to create a content family member. I treat each dog as an individual and plan my course for that dog according to their strengths and weaknesses. I am in no way a cookie cutter trainer and pride myself in creating programs that work for a specific dog. Working with animals takes patience and love and a good understanding on how they think.

With that said, my expertise ranges from basic puppy training, house breaking, therapy dogs, behavioral issues, and everyone’s favorite; tricks! All programs include the core commands; which I consider to be sit, down, look, go to your area (I call it take a rest), walk politely on a like leash, and most importantly come when called. You will be taught on how to implement these core commands into your daily routine.

*New client consultation and pet evaluation session is required for all new clients before any program can be started.