My name is Tyson and I am a two year old rock solid sixty pound pit bull/boxer mix. I was adopted from a rescue when I was only nine pounds and nine weeks old. My mom did her very best to raise me to not get a bad reputation like a lot of pit bulls have. She did training from the get go with Silvano and doggy daycare but as I developed into a sixty pound puppy with a lot of energy I found myself getting into trouble. As loving as I was with humans I started to pick fights with other dogs, eventually getting expelled from doggy school.

Over the past two years we have worked together with Silvano to come up with a plan that is specially crafted around my needs and has led me to  be a well behaved, loving, happy dog. I looooove my ball. I am one of the fastest runners at the dog park. I don’t really mind the company of other dogs and I even have my own crew, but it’s more about exercise and brain stimulation then sniffing other dogs butts. Silvano adapts with creative ideas to keep me stimulated since I sometimes over exert myself at the park and can’t go every single day anymore. Currently we are working on structured weekly training sessions, every other day dog park visits with the chuck it and my crew, skate boarding sessions and my owners on the weekends love taking me to the beach so I can swim in the ocean and dig in the sand.

Meanwhile, I love kisses, snuggling, sleeping, dreaming of running and sitting in the laps of the ones I love.


My name is Stresa I am named after my parents favorite restaurant in Paris. I am a 15 month old chocolate Labrador that will one day be a therapy dog at Children’s Hospital. Silvano picked me up from my breeder in Ontario California at the age of 10 weeks old so I could begin my training while living at his house to become a therapy dog. Silvano explained to my parents that creating a positive imprint and properly socializing me was very important to by future career. My days consisted of visiting parks, watching kids play, going to shopping malls, obedience, playing with other dogs, and learning proper manners. I almost forgot my moms most important request; I had to be 100% house broken, and use the doggie door and rock garden to do my business.

I transitioned into my parents home rather quickly, I would visit my mom and dad often so I knew where everything was. I have big shoes to fill, my older brother Antibes is
currently a therapy dog at Children’s Hospital. All the children at the hospital call him Chocolate’…I’m thinking they will call me Guapo. Silvano will be giving me my CGC test
soon and my advanced CGC test before I take my therapy dog test. Silvano gives my brother and I structured walk daily and I train one to two times a week now. Things are
going great and I wouldn’t be where I am now without Silvano’s patience and hard work, and the love and support of my mom and dad.


Hello my name is Melon, so, right off the bat, not hard to love me, right? A little about me. My favorite thing to do is run around the tennis court while my mom is trying to Volley. I’m great at blocking her shots and fetching tennis balls – or as she calls it, ‘stealing’ tennis balls. My mom is very active and loves to run and hike; this is where my problems started to surface. So, during
our hikes and runs I started getting a bit reactive when other dogs would walk towards us. After a few of these incidents, she called Silvano and explained what was going on. He came over to the house, my mom left the room, and Silvano and I chatted… dog to trainer. Mano-y-dogo. He was pretty chill and really helped me see the problem with my behavior. He determined my issue was fear based and that I was under socialized… bad for a dog, plus a total Hollywood taboo! Besides, my name is Melon, people just expect I’m gonna be sweet and squishy.

He set up a program for me that involved obedience, hikes, skateboarding, and meeting dogs while being on a leash. Did I mention skate boarding? I know, totally rad! As time went by my episodes became a lot more spread out, though not totally resolved. The next part of my program was getting me into a small pack of dogs so I could work on my doggie communication skills. I remember the first few times we went to the park I was very nervous. Then, around the 6th or 7th time, I was running around with all the dogs and having a great time. I never imagined I would be in a pack of 10 dogs running, chasing, wrestling, and just being a dog. This helped tremendously with my issue of being


My name is Windsor… I know, you think it’s because I look like Royalty, but in truth it’s because… yeah, I look like royalty. I was rescued over a year ago and boy were my parents surprised at the amount of untrained, uncontrollable energy I had. They took me to train with Silvano, and everything changed. After finishing my basic training my core commands were good, but I still had a lot of energy. My dad decided to have me do structured activities during the week.

After my morning walk and breakfast, Silvano comes and takes me for structured park play, usually along with one or two of my best friends. It’s awesome. We also do structured hikes as well, I usually come home really tired and needing a bath. Yes, there is a creek at the bottom of the canyon and I have a blast running through it. Okay, I’m going to admit something… for a while I used to bark incessantly at other dogs at the park to try and get them to chase me. Silvano taught me how to totally interact with everyone and communicate my playful intentions in a polite way. When I get home I am totally ready for my bone and a nap, a great way to wait for my parents to get home from work.