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Stimulated Dog Hikes are a great way to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Exercise for your canine is important to maintaining healthy musclesu, bones and joints and for keeping major organs functioning smoothly. Canines that get adequate exercise daily tend to look good, feel good and live longer. Stimulated dog exercise helps relax pets which makes them behave at home. It also is a form of mental stimulation. Dog Training is an excellent form of exercise. Use your walks to teach your dog how to behave properly or do special dog tricks, like rolling over. Bring them with you to jog, bike, or hike. Don’t forget to reward your dog verbally for good behavior and a good workout each time.

#30 Days of K9 Art Photo 2 – In Home Dog Boarding West Hollywood

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Windsor poses in front of a classic during his dog walk in West Hollywood. Walks are a part of his structured Dog Boarding West Hollywood, among other services offered in package. The service also includes dog hikes, group play, and maintenance training. Being a professional dog trainer in Los Angeles makes my boarding service very well rounded. Your K9 stays at my home which lets them spend their time away from home in a comfortable loving environment. Dog Training in West Hollywood is a bonus in my eyes. Its such an artistic and creative place which inspires the solutions to the issues the canines i’m working with have.This is our second photo of our collection titled 30 days of K9 art,

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