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This is one of my favorite photos of Windsor which shows how Dog Obedience Training helps stimulate our best friends. When your canine decides to lay down and relax don’t be alarmed. This is actually a sign that they are relaxed and comfortable. Mental stimulation is a great way to help your best friend reach this state of mind. Training is a great way to have your canine use their mind to accomplish a task. If a physical workout is also incorporated into the day you will have a perfect balance. This practice will definitely give your best friend a happier, balanced, and healthier life.


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Stimulated Dog Hikes are a great way to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Exercise for your canine is important to maintaining healthy musclesu, bones and joints and for keeping major organs functioning smoothly. Canines that get adequate exercise daily tend to look good, feel good and live longer. Stimulated dog exercise helps relax pets which makes them behave at home. It also is a form of mental stimulation. Dog Training is an excellent form of exercise. Use your walks to teach your dog how to behave properly or do special dog tricks, like rolling over. Bring them with you to jog, bike, or hike. Don’t forget to reward your dog verbally for good behavior and a good workout each time.

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Stresa enjoys some dog training swimming pool and structured play in the pool. Using a canines natural drive helps to stimulate them before starting an dog obedience training session. We focus on stresa’ natural instinct to retrieve and swim. Core commands can be combined while working with a dogs drive. In Stresa case we throw the toy in the pool, but keep him in a sit stay for a time. We give him the release command so he can retrieve the toy from the water. this is a true test of a dogs progress during training sessions. Dog Training Classes are another great way to add distractions during sessions to get a complete workout with your best friend.

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Lulu and Melon during Dog Obedience Training

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Lulu and Melon during their dog obedience training session at Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades today. They did socialization work and worked on loose leash walking. It wasn’t long ago that Melon was working hard to get better at walking and being nonreactive, now she helps Lulu with her training and shows her the ropes. With all the positive gains they have shown in the last few months they will only get better with as time goes by. As a Dog Trainer in West Hollywood there are many places to take the dogs during their sessions.

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