Meet Lilah, Pit bull Rescue, Dog Aggression, Behavioral Training

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Meet Lilah, she came to me to work on Dog Aggression 2 years ago. She had drive to act first which was a huge problem in such a dog friendly city like Los Angeles where dog socialization is huge. After more than 10 months of living with me during her rehabilitation I began to dread when she would leave. It took a while but all of her Behavioral training was working. After thinking about losing my girl I made a decision to adopt her myself. Lilah has come so far and is the official doggie greeter and helps out with temperament test. Thank you for making my world a better place❤️

Lulu and Melon during Dog Obedience Training

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Lulu and Melon during their dog obedience training session at Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades today. They did socialization work and worked on loose leash walking. It wasn’t long ago that Melon was working hard to get better at walking and being nonreactive, now she helps Lulu with her training and shows her the ropes. With all the positive gains they have shown in the last few months they will only get better with as time goes by. As a Dog Trainer in West Hollywood there are many places to take the dogs during their sessions.

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