Meet Koda His First Day of Puppy Training

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Meet Koda, today is his first day of Puppy Training Camp. He will spend his days at my home working on obedience training, socialization, and manners. The question on everyones mind is how to potty train a puppy.; there are many ways to do this. Crate Training is popular, but patience, consistency, and giving a pup the opportunity to go outside are crucial. Over correction when an accident occurs can have negative effects in the long run, it may also lead to behavioral issues. If an accident happens let the puppy know it was wrong and follow up by taking them outside to the proper area for relieving themselves. Applying a word whenever they use the restroom outside will help when you a praising them for a job well done. Specific words must follow the praise so the  pup understands why they are being praised. Look for future post to find out how Koda is doing with all the things he is learning.

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When Puppy Training Consider Crate Training. Dogs need their own safe place – like a den – and a crate can serve that purpose. They can feel relaxed and safe in their crate and they instinctively keep their crate, or den, clean, aiding in potty training. Sizing the crate

Lulu and Melon during Dog Obedience Training

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Lulu and Melon during their dog obedience training session at Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades today. They did socialization work and worked on loose leash walking. It wasn’t long ago that Melon was working hard to get better at walking and being nonreactive, now she helps Lulu with her training and shows her the ropes. With all the positive gains they have shown in the last few months they will only get better with as time goes by. As a Dog Trainer in West Hollywood there are many places to take the dogs during their sessions.

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Dog trainer Los Angeles offers me the benefits of working outdoors. Wally enjoys his dog training at the beach.

Being a dog trainer Los Angeles offers myself and the canine beautiful scenic views. Maintaining commands while taking a stroll is the beT way to naturally incorporate sessions into everyday life. Taking your best friend to different places for their walks will keep them stimulated. When they are stimulated they will be more inclined to learn and e receptive to what we are teaching them. Wally enjoys his structured dog walk at the beach in Malibu and check out the surf.