Life’s A Beach, Off Leash Dog Training Tips

Life's a beach, dog training tips, off leash dog training


If you are in the process of teaching your canine and want them off leash, you can check out these Dog Training Tips. Let your new pup gradually earn freedom throughout your home. A common error that many owners make is giving their new canine too much freedom too soon. This can easily lead to accidents relating to housebreaking and destructive chewing. So, close off doors to unoccupied rooms and use baby gates to section off parts of the house, if necessary. Start using the recall command as soon as you get home with your new family member; this will also help them learn their name. Whenever they come to you during recall make it a 10 fold reinforcement, let them know that coming to you is the best thing ever. Being consistent is very important and getting as many family members involved keeps everyone on the same page. If you are telling your dog “come” when he is outside and someone else is saying “here boy,” while someone else is letting him hang out there, how is he ever going to learn what you want? Consistency will be the key to your success.Remember, if your K9 will not even come to you they Most likely will not listen when off leash. These simple Dog Training Tips will give both of you a head start in getting off leash.

Dog Training Tips