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Every Day This Old Dog Walks 4 Miles To Town Just To Say Hi To …

Bruno, the wandering dog, has been walking 4 miles almost daily for the past 12 years to Longville, Minnesota, just to say ‘hi’ to the town’s people. Bruno started travelling from his earliest days. The passer-by thought the dog belonged to those who lived there and figured it could get lost. Going on journeys was all Bruno ever wanted. He usually visits the city hall, the library, the ice cream shop, several offices and grocery stores, where workers greet him with meat scraps. Actually, people love Bruno so much, they named him town’s dog and ambassador and even gave him a carved wooden statue!

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Tip structured Dog walk, Dog Training

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Meet Tip, this little cutie just started going structured dog walking. Her owner has been doing dog training with her, but wanted her walks to be controlled. Structured walks are a great way to maintain your best friends training while breaking up their day with some exercise. Tip may be small but she is ready for anything. Rottweilers and UPS trucks are fair game. Tip is great in a controlled environment, she just needs to get calm while out in WEHO during her walks.

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