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K9 training is the application of behavior analysis which uses the environmental events of antecedents and consequences to modify the behavior of a canine, …


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Rocky takes a moment to take it all in during his training evaluation for dog anxiety. He was enjoying the fourth of July with his family at the beach like he does every year. This year some neighbors set off some very loud fireworks. This had caused Rocky to become very cautious at home and changed his over all behavior. His behavioral training will focus on getting him back to his prior self and help him overcome the fear of loud noises. Check back for updates and all of the awesome dogs we get to meet,

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Stimulated Dog Hikes are a great way to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Exercise for your canine is important to maintaining healthy musclesu, bones and joints and for keeping major organs functioning smoothly. Canines that get adequate exercise daily tend to look good, feel good and live longer. Stimulated dog exercise helps relax pets which makes them behave at home. It also is a form of mental stimulation. Dog Training is an excellent form of exercise. Use your walks to teach your dog how to behave properly or do special dog tricks, like rolling over. Bring them with you to jog, bike, or hike. Don’t forget to reward your dog verbally for good behavior and a good workout each time.

How do I get my dog to stop jumping on people?

This habit starts when the dog is very young and owners think it’s cute when the tiny puppy jumps up and puts their little paws on their leg. The best course of action is to set your rules early in your dogs life, we create the dog we own. If a client has not set manners early on and the dog is older and bigger it’s still not too late to break this habit. There are are many methods that work, but I usually start with telling my clients to stick their knee out when the dog jumps. No verbal corrections just knee to the chest and ignore. It’s easy to know when the dog is jumping but what we are waiting for is when they come over and look up at us. This is the crucial moment for the owner to reinforce the action with affection or a treat, keep it mellow we don’t want the dog to get too excited. If you miss the small 3 second window the dog will revert back to jumping. Don’t use your hands, they are associated with petting and other positive things only use the knee. This can be implemented to close friends and people that come to the house a lot. When it comes to a stranger, it is the owners obligation to make sure their dog does not infringe on someone’s comfort level. This is just one route of many, an initial