Meet Koda His First Day of Puppy Training

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Meet Koda, today is his first day of Puppy Training Camp. He will spend his days at my home working on obedience training, socialization, and manners. The question on everyones mind is how to potty train a puppy.; there are many ways to do this. Crate Training is popular, but patience, consistency, and giving a pup the opportunity to go outside are crucial. Over correction when an accident occurs can have negative effects in the long run, it may also lead to behavioral issues. If an accident happens let the puppy know it was wrong and follow up by taking them outside to the proper area for relieving themselves. Applying a word whenever they use the restroom outside will help when you a praising them for a job well done. Specific words must follow the praise so the  pup understands why they are being praised. Look for future post to find out how Koda is doing with all the things he is learning.

Puppy Training


Puppies Were Popular Holiday Arrivals

When Puppy Training Consider Crate Training. Dogs need their own safe place – like a den – and a crate can serve that purpose. They can feel relaxed and safe in their crate and they instinctively keep their crate, or den, clean, aiding in potty training. Sizing the crate

Bear At Puppy Training

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Bear got to spend some time with Heidi during his Puppy Training camp. He is fully crate trained at this point, the focus is on puppy potty training now. Durimg his monitored free range of the house we focus on making sure he understands to go outside when he needs to use the restroom. The front door is left open during these sessions which give him total access to the front yard. He has ventured outside a dfew times, but has had a few accidents as well. It is importent to NOT give harsh corrections when an accident occurs. He is told in a stern voice that he made a mistake; he is led outside immediatley after that and brought to his potty area. We always counter a negative with a positive when teaching new things to a puppy.

Puppy Training

Wally Enjoys Dog Walking

During His Structured Dog Walking session in West Hollywood Wally met Heidi for some love and affection. Structured walks help maintain core Obediance commands while giving your best friend a proper workout. Dog Walking also helps with dog and urban socialization.

During His Structured Canine Travel Wally was greeted with love and affection. Dog Walking helps maintain Dog Training commands while stimulating your lad physically and mentally. Being a Dog Walker is fulfilling for your best friend in so many ways, our single or small groups of 3 make it an enjoyable experience. Strolling  with the canines on a Loose Leash Waling keeps me balanced. My article on canine training and How to Potty train a Puppy I discusses the importance of Structured Walking.