Boogie at puppy obedience training West Hollywood

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Puppy Obedience Training is designed for pups to learn their core obedience skills.
Programs vary, but common training techniques include teaching a dog to “stay,” “sit” and “come.” In addition to commands, dogs learn the discipline to avoid social and behavioral habits that cause destruction to your home and that may lead to behavioral issues in the future. Puppies learn house manners like not digging holes in the yard and chewing on furniture. A proper effective puppy training experience will also give a pup confidence which is crucial to their development Into a well behaved dog.

Puppy Obedience Training


Stresa shows the ropes | Puppy Training | Socialization

Puppy training, puppy socialization, dog communication

Stresa and Koda enjoy some play during Koda’s Puppy Training. To the naked eye it may seem they are just playing in the yard, in reality Koda is working on Puppy Socialization. Having a seasoned canine help with communication skills is a priceless asset. Who better to teach a puppy to play polietly then a dog with perfect doggie etiquette. Learning proper dog communication skills a crucial part to any puppy training program. Having a pup learn these skills at a young age can become an imprint which will last a lifetime.