Structured Dog Walking help maintain Dog Training and is a great exercise

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Minding the Body  Dog Walking Has Psychological Benefits for You Get the leash! Walking a dog is not only good exercise. It’s also great therapy, based on a raft of recent studies. Below are six psychological benefits of taking Fido for a stroll. Boosting exercise motivation  You know how some people are better about making doctor’s appointments or cooking healthy meals for a loved one than for themselves? By the same token, some find that going for regular walks is easier when done for the sake of a four-legged friend. If you’re the type of person who tends to be highly conscientious and focused on others, your dog’s need for exercise may help propel you out the door day after day… read more at

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Dog Walking

Java Structured Walk, Dog Walker Beverly Hills

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Java stops to take a look at some dogs across the street during her stroll through the tree lined streets of BH . Structured dog walking in Beverly Hills has plenty of distractions which are perfect for a dog walker doing maintenance training. Java has great social skills and perfect doggie etiquette which makes it a pleasure to take her for a walk. Taking your best friend for a stroll when there is no pulling or reaction to the environment can be therapeutic for both handler and canine.

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