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Silvano’s Creative K9 Concepts Dog Training Center is located in West Hollywood, CA. We offer complete customized dog care to our clients. Some of our services include dog training, housebreaking, behavioral, socialization, tricks, dog walking, hikes, boarding, and many more. We do not operate our services in a cage free kennel environment. We also follow the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen programs which are also incorporated into many of our programs. All canines that come to us for their needs are welcomed to my personal home. Having our programs done in this environment gives our students a well rounded real life experience. Potential clients always ask how effective this can be. I always ask them how can one teach your best friend not to do a certain behavior in the home if they are living in a kennel during their stay. I strongly believe that the only way a canine will learn is to have them in a real home environment. All of our students get to take trips to diffract parts of the city as well. All programs including daily structured walks, hikes, and group play. Group play is an excellent opportunity for any dog to continue the path to a great canine good citizen. If you would like more information regarding any of our program please fill out the new client form located at the contact link of the website.

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Rocky takes a moment to take it all in during his training evaluation for dog anxiety. He was enjoying the fourth of July with his family at the beach like he does every year. This year some neighbors set off some very loud fireworks. This had caused Rocky to become very cautious at home and changed his over all behavior. His behavioral training will focus on getting him back to his prior self and help him overcome the fear of loud noises. Check back for updates and all of the awesome dogs we get to meet,

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Stimulated Dog Hikes are a great way to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Exercise for your canine is important to maintaining healthy musclesu, bones and joints and for keeping major organs functioning smoothly. Canines that get adequate exercise daily tend to look good, feel good and live longer. Stimulated dog exercise helps relax pets which makes them behave at home. It also is a form of mental stimulation. Dog Training is an excellent form of exercise. Use your walks to teach your dog how to behave properly or do special dog tricks, like rolling over. Bring them with you to jog, bike, or hike. Don’t forget to reward your dog verbally for good behavior and a good workout each time.